Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making of new provinces is necessary: Hashmi

MULTAN: Senior Vice President PML (N) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that formation of new provinces is very imperative to run the country smoothly and Punjab should take first step in this regard.
While speaking a press conference here on Saturday, Hashmi said that PPP is only hoodwinking the people on the name of Saraiki province but it would be only a political announcement. The new province comprising Multan and Bahawalpur should be named Punjnad or Multan through referendum.
He said that no new province could be made without consultation with PML (N) Chief Nawaz Sharif and other national leaders. Nawaz Sharif has the solution of all the problems He said that the debate is going on in the whole country on making of new provinces and it is the need of the hour to bring some fundamental changes regarding it. No one could dare to make the new province or change the name of any province without taking Nawaz Sharif on board.
He said that people have been killed on daily basis, masses are discussing their deprivations everywhere and in these circumstances every political party has its own agenda. “It might be possible that tomorrow the conditions may lead us towards that point that we have to make Karachi or Quetta a separate province no province”, Hashmi added.
“All of sudden the peace of Karachi has been shattered then unexpectedly people come to know that MQM and PPP has decided to establish law and order in the city. But the history tells that with a switching on a button of a remote control , rain of bullets get starts at Karachi and many people including political worker become victim”, he added.
He said that the nation has to find resolution of the problems .He said that PML (N) has the authority to divide Punjab into new provinces and Nawaz Sharif as its head has a key to resolve the problems.
He said that India has 36 provinces and they are planning to establish more provinces. Even Indian have made city of Delhi province. He said that we would continue to talk about for making new provinces whether other provinces support it or not.


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