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Pink And Black Bedroom Designs

Pink And Black Bedroom Designs

Pink And Black Bedroom Designs
Designing a room for a teenager can be challenging, but it becomes even more difficult when the teen is in to a punk rock theme. Figuring out what colours and patterns to use can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some tried and true girly punk rock colors and patterns that work well in a teen bedroom decor.
Pink With Attitude
Forget the pastel pinks of nursery walls and bedding. For the punk theme bedroom, a sassy hot pink will be the color of choice. This shade of pink has attitude and is widely used in a lot of punk rock theme bedding and accessories. Carry the color pink throughout the room with the use of accessories, bedding and linens.
Wild Walls
Even in a pink, punk rock theme bedroom, bright pink walls may be too overpowering. If the punk loving teen wants pink walls, though, be sure to use a high-quality paint and apply evenly. Pink can be an unforgiving paint color, as it tends to show the roller marks easily. Another option to solid pink walls is to paint the walls in thick stripes of pink and dark gray. Black will usually be the accent color in a pink, punk rock room, but it is typically too dark for use on walls. Dark gray and hot pink stripes will tie the room together, and break up some of the pink saturation.
Perfect Patterns
Skulls and crossbones ar most often associated with a pink, punk rock theme. They can be found on legion(p) accessories, especially those purchased astatine specialty stores that carry a large amount of punk theme items. They often feature roses, which can also be tied into the room’s decor. Another popular pattern for punk rock themes is pink and black plaid. Big, chunky plaid, as opposed to a fine line plaid, is the desired look. Most often, the plaid is mostly black with pink being the secondary color. If patterns cannot be found, choose for solid pink or black linens and curtains to complete the look of the room.
Punk Rock Accessories
For the parent who is decorating the bedroom, punk theme accessories may be hard to find. Talk with the teen about what she would like to see included in the space and go from there. Album covers, roses, and just about any sort of black accessory with a pink accent are all great choices. A funky pink lava lamp or pink rope lights would also be perfect additions to the room’s decor. A quick online search for punk theme items will yield quite a few ideas, but as always, be sure to gain teen approval before placing them in the room.
Creating a pink, punk rock theme bedroom may not be a parent’s first choice for bedroom decor, but it will mean a great deal to the teen who loves punk. Get her involved in the decision making and decorating, so that she will feel invested in the room. It is also a great way to find common talking ground for parent and girl who may have vastly dissimilar interests. As with so many teen bedroom decorating projects, creating a pink, punk rock theme room is more about validating the interests of the teen than determination the right bedside lamp.

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