Monday, July 18, 2011

One room 2 Looks with:Nancy of Marcus Design

One of my Top 3 favorite DIY's on the blogo-shpere includes Nancy's Rast Hack/ Dorthy Draper chest seen here. She has a very pretty bloggy filled with all types of fun stuff to gander at. I am so happy she said she would get involved in my one room two ways series and that I could share her pretty transformations with you all.

The lovely and talented


Thank you Amber for inviting me over, I adore your blog and your personal style!! When Amber asked me to participate in her fabulous series, I have to admit I felt like I couldn't possibly compare to the fabulous designers she has recently had play along! So here is my measly attempt at rearranging this little vignette in my living room, I had a lot of fun doing it :)

Look #1: 
Asymmetric & Colorful

This first look is fun and bright, perfect for spring and summer. I love the combo of turquoise and pink, and the asymmetry adds to the overall whimsy.

Look #2: 
Balanced, Black & White

This second look is classic black and white with a pop of color through flowers. I created a symmetric feel by using two chairs and two lamps. And there is still a bit of whimsy brought in with the dotted pillows!

Hugs to you Amber for having me, I was pretty darn honored to be included!!


Love Ya Friend, Thanks for playin!


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