Saturday, July 16, 2011

List of google adsense Best revenue sharing sites

There are many article sites that offer adsense revenue sharing option. However, you need to research to find sites that offer adsense revenue sharing option in your niche. I have a few sites that consider articles written on almost any topic except pornography, hate speech, etc.
There are just a few sites that accept articles and offer 40% to 50% adsense revenue sharing opportunity:
Probably one of the best article directories that offer 50% revenue sharing option and has laser targeted traffic. has all the major categories listed on their front page. Almost every topic is covered. So check the categories before submitting an article.
You are required to submit 3 adsense ad blocks using an easy to navigate writers’ area. The instructions are clear and you can contact customer support to help you out with adsense ad blocks.
In my experience a well-written article can bring in $3 to $4 per day. Submit 10 to 20 articles a month and you will see a dramatic increase in google adsense revenue. You will also get a valid Page Rank 4 backlink. You can create three back links to your site. (PR- 6)
Hubpages is probably the most useful site in terms of making money with google adsense revenue sharing program. It shares 100% revenue with you. All you need to do is sign up and create one hub on each article you write. Put a few google ads on the top of the content and one 300×250 rectangle ad at the bottom of the content. You can also use ebay and amazon affiliate programs to earn extra money.
Not only do you get revenue from the site, you get Pagerank juice. If you put three links in your article that point back to your site, you will get a valid PR 6 back link. (PR- 6)
Trendhunter is a very exciting site. It publishes current trends in various categories. You create an account and publish your article along with a few images. Use your own google adsense code and earn 100% revenue. trendhunter will publish your post and drive traffic to it. You will earn money when some one clicks ads placed on your article page.
Go to trendhunter faqs to know more about their revenue sharing program. (PR- 3) is a community site devoted to sharing latest news on kernel development. They share 80% of the google adsense revenue. You can create your own blog on the site and publish articles. Your ads will be displayed on the page that hosts your article.
Along with blogs, they also share revenue on forum postings. If you post something useful on their forum, you will earn from the ads displayed in the forum threads. (PR- 4) is a technology blog that covers Windows tutorials, adsense articles, blogging and photoshop. As a guest blogger, you will post an original article on and use your google adsense account to put adsense ads in the article. shares 100% revenue with you as guest blogger. It is a unique resource that shares all the adsense revenue with you. Since it is a PR-4, you will get serious link juice and some serious adsense revenue as long as is online.
For additional information, click the link and visit the guest blogger info page.
I am not finished yet. Read Part – 2 of this article where I’ll share some more google adsense revenue sharing sites. Write a unique article and spin it creating at least 20 variations. Use one unique article for each site and you will be earning more than $50/day which means you can earn around $1000/month easily. So start using google adsense revenue sharing trick right now.


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