Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ilah, 18 Months Old

The weather in Atlanta has had a bit of a cool down thanks to some rain that has graced us. Thank you God! Instead of it being in the 100's {mercy!} our temperatures over the last few days have been in the high 70's - mid 80's! Perfect weather that reminds me of California. We got out yesterday for some fun and I took some pictures of Ilah that were right on time for her 18 month post : )

So, Ilah....our sweet, sweet {and super funny!} girl, what are you up to at 18 months?....

  • You weigh 30 pounds…you are moving up to a size 5 diaper…you wear size 24 month/2T clothes, and a size 6/7 shoe
  • You go to bed between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. {if you’ve taken a late 2nd nap}
  • You point out many body parts {eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, teeth, hands, knees, toes}
  • You have a mouth FULL of teeth! I think only a few have yet to come in. I’m so thankful {for both you and I} that teething went so well! You never fussed, lost sleep, or had any fevers.
  • You climb onto the couch and chairs and are unstoppable now! Ha!
  • You LOVE to jump on beds!
  • You are a big helper and love to help mommy pick up your toys and clothes.
  • My sweet girl, you started to do something very un-lady like some time ago: you pick your nose. You don’t do it very often {thank goodness} but we’ve entered that stage! Gotta laugh!
  • You love scribbling on your Dora the Explorer magnetic drawer alphabet book.
  • Over the weekend we took the bumpers out of your crib. You have started sleeping in awkward positions so now you have more room to spread out : )
  • Your face lights up and you let out a big squeal when you see us after you have woken up in the morning, or from a nap. You give us the tightest hugs and sweetest kisses that we can’t get enough of.
  • When we get you dressed now, you stand up and hold onto our shoulders as you put your feet into your pants/shorts. Ah, Ilah…you are becoming such a big girl!
  • You have weaned from the paci so well! You now only take it when you go down for an afternoon nap. That’s it! The first time we didn’t give it to you at night we thought for sure it would be a rough night but you proved us wrong and went right to sleep! You continue to amaze us!
  • You absorb so many things and point to an object or picture when it's named and follow all of our directions so well!
  • You do have your little temper tantrums and you still hate to have your diaper changed…I have discovered that singing the ABC’s to you while I’m doing it makes it less of a struggle ; )
  • For some time now, you love to turn lights on and off. If we are walking out of the room with you on our hip, you point to the light switch and want to flip the switch up and down.
  • You LOVE going up and down the stairs. LOVE IT.
  • You love to open and close doors.
  • You love to play outdoors with your ball....

  • You love to blow kisses!!!....

  • You seem to definitely think things through....
  • Your hair is just growing and growing!!...
  • You are VERY independent!...
  • You have a very free spirit {gee, wonder where you get that from?}
  • You are always on the move!....
  • You now give mommy and daddy a pretty strong high-five!
  • Everything is a phone. And you love to pretend like you’re chatting away with someone on the other end. Ha!
  • You recognize when your diaper is full and have started to pull at it. Your pediatrician recognized it too at your 18 month appointment last Friday. Time for mommy to start reading up on potty training!
Ilah, you are a year and a half old! Half way to 2!! You are such a happy, healthy and smart little girl who I adore so, so much. I still stare at you, as I did when you were a fresh newborn baby. Some days I just can’t believe that you’re mine and that I get to love you and take care of you. I want to give you the absolute best life and make the most of all your days. You light up each hour of my day and bring me and your daddy so much joy. We love you so, so much!


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