Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Follow my Gal Pal's Tuesday

So there are so many AMAZINGLY cool bloggers in this here blogosphere, and so many readers out there that may or may not have discovered them yet. I find a new cool blog at least once a day, if not more and I am so down to share the loving!  

I am on a mission to increase followers to this blog and to some of my bloggin gal pals. Most of these ladies I am sure you have heard of...but if you have not, well then this be the point of the exercises.

It's called " Follow my Gal Pal Tuesday"

You just click on over to their site and if you don't follow them already well then Get Involved and click that little "follow" button up on the left hand corner! Make sure to also check out their Twitter's and Facebook pages as well.

Remember to share the love Mmmmkay? 

Just click on there headers and away you go! Tell them I sent ya!

 I only did 7, I could have done stay tuned for my next dose of "Follow my Gal Pal Tuesday". 

Plus I have a bangin' headache so this is about as productive as my day will get!


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