Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh How We Love The Sleep Sheep!

Before Ilah was born, I took to the mommy blogs to see what other mom's considered "must have's" for their little babies. The Sleep Sheep kept coming up time and time again. Often described as "sent straight from heaven", I was curious to know more about it. When I read that it was a sound machine that projected soothing sounds to help a baby fall asleep, I just had to have one. So one day while my mom and I were out getting the last bit of things I needed before Ilah's arrival, we bought one of our very own and I anticipated when it would get it's first use....
I'm not sure if I just assumed that Ilah wouldn't be a good sleeper {thereby making us all sleep deprived}, or if I just felt that the soothing sounds would provide her with some comfort. Whichever case it was, I felt that I needed to plan ahead with having a remedy. Because afterall, I'm type A!

We attached The Sleep Sheep to Ilah's crib and I imagined many nights where we would be turning it on for her....
But in the first 6 months, we maybe used it a hand full of times. And I think we turned it on "just because". As an infant, Ilah slept for long stretches a time and was a sound sleeper who was unphased by noise. At two months old, she began sleeping through the night. Her nap times during the day were long and she always fell fast asleep just minutes after we would lay her down. We were fortunate that our little baby slept wonderfully. Needless to say, The Sleep Sheep ended up not being a "must have".

But we left it strapped to Ilah's crib. Because although it wasn't getting used, it was cute to look at!....

But then something happened. Something known as {{drum roll}}............."the wakeful period" {all you need to do is google those three words and an abundant amount of links will pop up about this topic and oh-so-fun stage}. Let me tell you......our Sleep Sheep has gone from never being touched to being used every time Ilah is in her crib!

Here are the sounds that The Sleep Sheep projects....

Nowadays, if Ilah is restless during nap time, I go in her room, turn on the sleep sheep and in no time, she is still and starts to fall asleep. Her nap times are also lasting longer now....praise the Lord! Because for a while there, Ilah would only nap for maybe 30-45 minutes twice a day. Also, in the wee hours of the morning, when we have to change Ilah's diaper, we turn on The Sleep Sheep to help her fall back asleep and she is out like a light nearly immediately. It's definitely a soother {Ilah loves the sounds of the ocean waves best!} and I am so glad that we didn't return it!

I wasn't compensated in any way to write this post. I just wanted to share a helpful method for getting our little one to fall asleep - as there may be other mom's out there who are looking for a similiar solution.

You can see more reviews on The Sleep Sheep here on Amazon {a smaller Sleep Sheep on-the- go can be found here}. Also, Cloud B. has a whole line of calming friends. Go here to see them!

While The Sleep Sheep wasn't an immediate must-have, it has turned into being something that both baby and mommy daily love!

Now onto getting past the wakeful period! : )


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