Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun on a Wednesday Night

Last night after we put the baby down to bed, Dele and I had a nice little date night in! At least that's what it felt like to me. No tv. No internet browsing on the blackberry {I'm guilty of that}. No late hours of work on the computer {he's guilty of that}. And no tending to things left undone around the house. We simply made time for just us. With the house quiet and still, we talked, we laughed, we connected. And then we had fun playing Scrabble!

Dele had been talking about Scrabble for some time. I had never played before. My mom had this deluxe version sitting in her house and I noticed yesterday that it had never been used. She told me to take it, along with another unopened game that she had {Yahtzee}.

Before the game I made some hot chocolate, and adorned a small plate with a few madeline's! The saying on the cup is exactly how I felt last night....

Since I had never played Scrabble before, I wasn't sure if I would like it. I love verbal games like Taboo! Ha! But I had so much fun playing Scrabble!! I'm glad that this game is now a part of our game collection!

So who won???

Dele's score came to.....

And my score came to....

Mama wins! Boo-ya!! Not bad for a first timer, eh?!

If I was smart, I would have made some sort of bet before playing, like whoever wins has to do dishes for the next 3 days. Yes, I already do dishes but in this case, I would have had 3 days off! Ha!

More games of Scrabble to come {we loved it!}...and this time with bets attached to them!!


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