Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need Help Writing The Right Words?

I've always loved to pick out pretty stationary and note cards to pen a thoughtful sentiment on - and then send it onto someone special. There's just something about receiving a personalized, handwritten piece of mail. Without even opening up the envelope to read what's inside, it's already a gift in itself to know that someone took the time to connect with you in a way that made you know that you were special and were being thought of.

With so much advanced technology easily at our finger tips, sure it may be faster to place a phone call, shoot off an email, send a text message, type up a quick tweet, or post a message on someone's facebook wall...but none of these outlets can take the place of a handwritten note - which can be saved, cherished, and re-read time and time again for years to come. The latter definitely has much more sentimental value. And if you were to visit my house you would see this was true. In a large box, in my closet, I have countless cards, handwritten letters, and little notes that take me down "memory lane" each and every time that I go through and read them {which I do}. Often times I go in my closet, sit on the floor, and randomly pull a few out envelopes and have a few moments to myself to read them. It makes my heart happy.

While it's easy to pick out a pretty box of cards, it's not always easy to find just the right words to write in them. Have you ever been "stuck"? With as much as I enjoy writing, I've been there myself....staring down at the inside of a blank card. Then onto looking at the wall. Then onto looking at the ceiling. Then onto grabbing a piece of paper and writing a rough draft. Then onto an edit. Than onto another edit. And then finally I pen my final draft inside of the card. Sometimes penning a sentiment takes me ten minutes; other times, forty-five. And it's times like those that I wish I had a book like this....

Write the Right Words: Messages from the Heart for Every Occasion, by Sandra Lamb is an all-encompassing guide for crafting the perfect message. The book is filled with examples that warmly connect you to the person you're addressing by providing you with sample messages, and words from the heart, that will take you past your writer's block and onto penning a thoughtful message that your recipient will be touched by.

Having gone through this book, I definitely recommend adding it to your home library. It's on my shelf and it's a keeper...forever.

To get a peek inside of this book, view the table of contents, and read the editorial reviews, you can do so on Amazon here.


Would you like your own copy of this book? All you need to do is leave a comment letting me know how it would benefit you to have this book on your shelf {retail value $22.99}.

This giveaway will end on Friday, August 13th at 12:00 Noon EST. The winner will be chosen via and will be announced by 5:00 p.m. that same day! The winner will be posted here, and will also be emailed - so be sure that you have a valid email address on your blogger profile or relay it in within the comment section. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be chosen.

Giveaway open to US/Canada only.

Good Luck!!


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