Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ilah, 7 Months Old

Last week I took this short video of Ilah while she was playing in her exersaucer {which she won't stay in as long anymore ever since she became mobile; the girl loves to crawl and be on the loose!}. You will see that our sweet Ilah {who turned 7 months old today!} is already quite the talker! And I think I just may have recorded her saying her very first word {which is being repeated every day now!}. Listen for it : ) {And never mind my sorted piles of mail on the floor...always multi-tasking!}.

There is a lot going on with our sweet girl at this stage {as you can see from this post, this post, and this post}. Since I've highlighted many of Ilah's developments and fun happenings lately, I thought I would show a video in lieu of doing a bullet point post, and show some fun photos over the next few days! Just 5 more months and our baby will be a year old!! Crazy how time flies!!


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