Monday, May 24, 2010

Play Kitchens for Tiny Tots

My-oh-my. Play kitchens for kids sure have come a long way! When I came across the one below {from Pottery Barn Kids}, I couldn't believe my eyes!

This play kitchen has a stainless steal faucet that actually holds water. Heck, for the amount of money that this little play kitchen costs, that's the least it should be able to do! I'm thinkin' it should make baked ziti at the press of a button and serve it up to me couch-side!

I think every New Yorker who lives in a small apartment is jealous of this big kitchen for tiny tots! I'm sure Rocco Dispirito would even love to "cook" in it! This cadillac of play kitchens looks nicer than most real ones.

And just like buying a REAL appliance package, the PLAYSET is priced accordingly:
  • Fridge, sink and stove are $879
  • Sink and stove are $579
  • Fridge and stove are also $579
No doubt, little ones love to play pretend but the practical parent {myself being one of them} would bypass buying the expensive number above {especially since it will probably only hold the child's interest - and be used - for just a few years} and get something much less expensive, yet still just as fun:









And how about these cute play appliances, and play food to add to the fun!.....

All of the above play kitchens and accessories seen and available on Play Kitchen Place.


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