Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today is my mom's birthday! Ilah and I will be spending the entire day with her. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful woman to call mom. Throughout the years, she has done so much for me. She has listened with understanding, guided with care, encouraged with love, and has been supportive in action. She is the friend that I have had the longest and she has deposited so much substance into my life.

I think it's so important to celebrate the people that you love continously - not just on their birthday. I think it's important to make the time to let those that you care about know just how much they mean to you. My mom and I see eachother usually twice a week and talk on the phone probably 10 times a day. Sometimes we end up engaging in a deep conversation that goes well over an hour, and other times we're just calling eachother real quick to talk about things of no real importance, like the craziness among The Real Housewives of _____ .

I really value the authenticity that we have with one another and the way in which we allow the other one to be free in their expressions, opinions, thoughts and ideas. While we may not always agree with what the other one is saying, we respect one another and have continued to maintain our very close bond. We both love the closeness and friendship that we share and now with having Ilah to share in our times of laughter and togetherness, it makes our moments together just that much more special and sweeter.

Today I am taking my mom to the Princess Diana exhibit that is here in Atlanta! My mother and I admired how the Princess led her life and were grieved at her sudden, and very tragic, passing. This exhibit showcases family photos, some of her writings, her actual wedding dress and 25 foot train, many of the dresses that she wore throughout her lifetime, diamond tiara's and other beautiful family jewels and many more stunning pieces and images, including audio transcripts and videos of her young and adult life playing throughout the rooms. This exhibit is going to be a beautiful, memorable thing to behold!

After the exhibit we are heading to lunch at Fogo De Chao! A five star Brazilian steakhouse. Fifteen different cuts of meat are grilled and are served tableside continously until you say stop!

They also have a huge, gourmet salad bar and serve up continuous Brazilian side dishes with your meal!

It's a going to be a wonderful day celebrating my mom's birthday!! I hope you all have a great day too!!


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