Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good-bye Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Sorry I was a bit MIA last week. I only managed to get one post up, which is unusual for me. At 4 months old, Ilah is now at a stage where she has longer wakeful periods so my days are full with entertaining her and spending fun quality time together {which means that I am on the computer less these days}. I love interacting with my sweet baby and being a part of all of her new discoveries! Let me tell you....she is now quite the roller! Back to front/front to back - anytime we put her down. And when she's on her tummy, she is beginning to scoot! In no time, I'm gonna have a crawler on my hands! I better savor the next few months while she's still "stationary"! These milestones are really coming around fast! You're excited when your baby advances to doing something new, but you also realize that your wee one is growing - so quickly! : (

So I wanted to talk about hair in this post.

Ilah's hair texture has started to change. Ever since she was born, we have used Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo on her hair {for no other reason than because that's the brand that's commonly used}. But after looking at the ingredients and reading articles online that it contains harmful substances {read here, here, and here} - and mostly because Ilah's hair texture now calls for a product specifically for her hair type, it's time to make a switch. To something that doesn't strip the moisture from her hair, defines her cute curls - and the fact that it's organic is just a plus.

So after doing a lot of research online {on Mixed Chicks, Curls, Blended Beauty, Kinky-Curly and a few others}, I decided to order some new hair care products for little Ilah from the Curls line {specifically because they are the only one who carries a "baby" line - called It's a Curl; the others have products for "kids" but nothing for "babies" hair}.

If you are not familiar with the Curls line of hair care products, they are specifically made for biracial/multi-racial women and little ones with naturally curly hair. You can familiarize yourself with their products on their website.

I'm looking forward to the package arriving so that I can begin trying out the following hair care products on Ilah's cute little head:

  • Peek-A-Boo Tearless Shampoo
  • Patty Cake Conditioner
  • Itsy Bitsy Spirals
  • Ring Around the Curlies Leave in Cream

Three out of the 4 products that I ordered for Ilah are pictured here:

Curls also has a kids line called Curly Q's.....

You read the review here that People magazine gave on it.

Onto me. I have very curly hair - but you will never see me wear it natural! I like the straight hair look. BUT I think this summer I'm gonna give my hair a rest from the heat of flat irons and curling irons and go natural more often {Jia, you talked me into it! And mom, you will get your wish! My mom is always telling me to wear my hair curly!}.

The picture below was taken about 3 years ago on my birthday. Atlanta in July = H-U-M-I-D! I left the house with large loose curls {that I did with a curling iron} and the moment my hair hit the open air, it frizzed out and started to curl up. So in the summer months, I may as not fight it and just go curly!

So I too ordered some products from the Curls line to see how I would like them. What I was drawn too about this specific company is that their products are formulated for different types of curly hair...not just one general type like Mixed Chicks {which will be my next go-to product if I'm not pleased with Curls}. Curls has a vast selection of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and styling products to choose from.....

Recently, Target expanded their beauty offerings and joined up with Curls to create a line exclusive for their store {unfortunately not available at all Target stores; none of the Target's near me carry this line so I had to order the products directly off of the Curls website}. The haircare products for the Target stores are slightly different in ingredients so they don't exactly mirror the original ingredients, and the packaging and product names are also not direct duplicates. See below....

Have any of you tried the Curls line on yourself, or your little one? How did you like it?

I'm hoping that the Curls hair care products that I ordered for Ilah and myself work beautifully. You never know what works for you until you try it, right?


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