Thursday, May 27, 2010

My How Fast They Grow!

While pregnant with Ilah, I did a lot of shopping while anticipating her arrival. It's so easy to overindulge knowing that you are bringing a little baby GIRL into the world! There is SO MUCH out there for little girls; it's hard to resist buying something cute when you see it! While even though Ilah's closet was pretty full with clothes before she was even born, I have to say that I purchased just the right amount of onsies, socks, pajamas, around the house outfits, and cute dressy outfits for Ilah to wear for the first 12 months. I bought a lot of bibs too {anticipating the stage we are at now with the constant drool} - and am still buying them! You can never have enough bibs!

Even though there were a lot of outfits hanging in Ilah's closet before she was born, I had only purchased 3 "newborn" outfits. My mom bought Ilah a lot of sleep sacks {LOVED them and still do!!} but as for outfits, and footed pajamas, I didn't want to buy a lot of newborn sizes because I assumed that Ilah would immediately grow out of them - if she would even fit into any of them at all. But to my surprise, her little tiny self was too small for 0-3 month clothes. And so my mom purchased several newborn pajamas, and cute little outfits for Ilah to wear, until she could grow into many of the 0-3 month clothes that we had for her - which she didn't until about a month and a half later. And then she started to grow like a weed! She seemed to breeze right through the 0-3 month clothes {in a matter of weeks!} and went straight into wearing her 6 month pajamas and outfits.

So last month the time came to pack up those wee little outfits that Ilah wore during her first few months of life. As I washed them and then folded them up, I was reminiscing about bringing our baby home and reliving all those first few weeks, and months, with her. I think for most parents, it's so fun to see your baby develop and grow, yet a part of you wishes that they would stay small enough to be cradled in the small part of your forearm for just a little bit longer.

I bought a large canvas bag from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and put all of Ilah's newborn to 3 month clothes in it. The bag is in the corner of her closet and I will continue to add to it as she continues to outgrow her clothes. Eventually this bag will hold all of her newborn to 12 month clothes {I learned the roll up method from my mom!}.

So remember at the begining of this post when I said how hard it was/is to pass up on something cute that you see for your little one? Well....

I bought a few new outfits for Ilah last weeks. Just a few.

Are these shorts not totally cute!?

And this little dress....

With matching bloomers!

I bought the below 2 dresses {12 month in size, from Macy's} for Ilah when I was pregnant with her. Another few months and she will be able to wear them! I can't believe that!

A friend of the family recently visited us in Atlanta and bought the below 2 cute outfits for Ilah....

We're all set for the 4th of July! Last week I bought Ilah a cute little Ralph Lauren outfit to wear on Independence Day {it's surely going to be toasty in July; they don't call it HOTLANTA for nothin'!}.....

And now that it's getting hotter, I bought Ilah a light blanket....

Our little girl sure is growing fast. Anyone know how to freeze time for just a bit!?


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