Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST: The Animated Series Project By Michael Myers

I was lucky enough to come across the amazing drawings of Michael Blaine Myers Jr. quite by accident. This then led me to do some googling and I was thrilled to find the portfolio and work of this extremely talented artist.

He has so many wonderful pieces that it's hard not to reproduce his entire portfolio right here on my blog for my readers to see.

But first, given that I'm a huge LOST fan and the series is soon coming to an end (*sob* tonight is the second to last episode), let me share with you his fabulous character illustrations of most key characters on the Island:

Kate and Jack:

Sawyer and Sayid:

Charlie and Hurley (Hugo):

Sun and Jin:

John Locke and Benjamin Linus:

Daniel Faraday and Miles:

Desmond and Charles Widmore:

Mr Ecko and The Smoke Monster:

Jacob and Richard:

even Walt:

You can purchase posters of most of each of his animated characters or the whole gang here.

See more work of his on his website, Drawsgood.


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