Friday, May 28, 2010

Ilah's Christmas Gifts Already Getting Purchased!

I usually begin shopping for Christmas gifts early - around the month of July. My husband's side of the family is really large so waiting until the month of December to buy a ton of gifts, and then taking on the task of wrapping them all beautifully {because that's what I love to do; I hardly ever use gift bags unless they are gorg!} would have me frayed.

The Christmas before last, my living room looked like it threw up scotch tape, ribbon, scissors, wrapping paper and gift tags. It was "organized chaos" for at least a month as I tackled wrapping packages - a few at a time - each day. But I love doing it. However, last Christmas, at 9 months pregnant, there was no way I was taking on the task of it all.

Although it's only May, I'm soooo looking forward to December....Ilah's first Christmas!! I can't wait to capture pictures of Ilah in pretty Christmas outfits, decorate the house for the holidays, watch her observe all the pretty christmas lights and tree ornaments, hang her stocking on our fireplace mantel, and begin family traditions that will be carried out for years to come. Ilah will be just a few weeks shy of her 1st birthday on Christmas!

Kinda weird to be talking about Christmas when it's not even June yet, but my local Hobby Lobby already has all of their Thanksgiving stuff out!

At 1 years old, I know that little ones are more interested in playing with tupperware, taking every single item out of mommy's purse, and clanking together a wooden spoon against a pot or pan. For that reason, and because I don't want to turn our house into a toy center flooded with plastic objects that Ilah will find mundane after a while, we don't want to bring every single toys-r-us toy into our home. Simplicity can be a good thing. And with Ilah, we plan to practice that. At least when it comes to frivolous toys that we know won't hold Ilah's interest past it's intended age-range. Don't get me wrong....we definitely want to give her toys that will be fun for her to play with, but we just don't think it's necessary to go overboard and buy every fun thing on the market.

With all that said, I bought Ilah one of her Christmas gifts a few weeks ago.....

Product Description: Watch your child's imagination grow with this colorful musical "garden" perch full of fun activities. With 8 features including a "spinning garden" that lights up and plays music at every twist, your child will "plant" and play all day! Great for sit-or-stand fun! Garden-themed activity toy encourages discovery with flashing lights, playful music and hands-on activities! Activity-filled toy features detachable accessories, including 4 different-shaped blocks, a "watering" can, and "flower" in a pot. " Accessories store conveniently inside the bench. Ages 12 months and up.

I spotted this cute and fun little toy for Ilah while I was at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. It was on clearance for $20 {regularly $30, and retails for $40 in stores}.
We're going to have fun "growing" and "watering" a garden together : )


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