Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Day Recap!

So I'm a bit late recaping how our Valentine's Day went but better late than never, right?!

As I posted here, I started the tradition of overseeing Valentines Day. It seems that in our society, the pressure is put on the man to make sure that the day is special - but in our relationship, I reversed it. It's a day that I will always take on. I really enjoy planning out a fun filled day full of surprises - something that Mr. Wonderful looks forward to...and I love delivering!

This year, we started off our day with The Ritz Carlton! We enjoyed a lavish buffet that was comprised of every breakfast item you can think of! It was a good thing that I had made reservations ahead of time - the line was out the door! I felt so bad for the people who had gotten there way before us and were still waiting after we left!

Enjoying a fabulous breakfast together was a great way to start the day!

After we left The Ritz Carlton, we went to the next surprise on my list....
The High Museum of Art. I took a chance that Dele had never been there before {and he hadn't - phew!}. The museum was featuring original works by Leonardo Da Vinci and also had some other neat exhibitions and collections on display. In this case, it paid that I didn't make reservations in advance {I kept checking online to ensure that reservation slots never filled up!}. There was a looong line when we arrived. After we took our place, Dele noticed that there was a second line {that was short and moving fast}. He went to check it out and then motioned for me to come over. It turned out that the long line that we were initially standing in was for advance ticket purchases. The short line {that we may have spent 10 minutes in} was for walk-up's!!

We've passed by The High Museum countless times and always said we wanted to go - we spent a few hours there and loved it!

Next on my list...

After the museum, we went to Kilwins {a place that sells handmade chocolates, confections, handmade fudge, truffles - and the most delicious ice-cream that we've both ever had!}.

Mr. Wonderful got a double scoop {of vanilla and chocolate}....

I followed suite and got a double scoop of pralines and cream and cake batter ice-cream, in a waffle bowl!...yummm!!

Presents were waiting for Mr. Wonderful at home!....

On the way home from our fun-filled day, we stopped and rented The Time Travelers Wife. I had been wanting to see this movie - but given the story line, I didn't want to watch it while being pregnant! Now that my hormones are {mostly} back to normal, we cuddled up and ended the night watching it....

Hmmm...what will next year hold!?!


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