Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Valentines Day!

Every year I plan out Valentines Day for us. Why? Because Mr. Wonderful is romantic all year through and he more than deserves a day full of surprises. This will be the fourth one that we have celebrated together and each year I look forward to lining up the fun memories and showing him just how much he is loved and appreciated! Our Valentine's Day plans, and surprises, are all lined up for Sunday!! Even Ilah got her daddy a little somethin'.

Each year, I emphasize to Dele that I don't want him to do anything. Yet he just can't help himself. That's the kind of guy I have. When I was working, a dozen roses would always arrive to my office. He just had to do something to show me that I was loved on V-Day {and I think that he didn't want me to be the only woman in the office who didn't have roses on her desk from her boyfriend/fiance {we were courting at the time; this is our first Valentines Day married!}.

My bosses would always joke that Dele had to have owned a flower shop because it seemed that aside from Valentines Day, I always had flowers on my desk from him. They would arrive on my car, by delivery, or in person when he came to the door to see me...or as a surprise spelled out across my bed in my old apartment...

I told you. He's romantic!

He's always loved to give me flowers to let me know that he was thinking about me and loved me...

I no longer have an office in a tall building, working in corporate america. Now I'm a stay at home mother who tends to a little baby and a house that I aim to impeccably maintain {some days are better than others}. But I still have a man who is romantic...and despite emphasizing again that he wasn't to do anything for Valentines Day, he just had evidenced by the package that arrived this afternoon:

I about cried when I opened the door and received the Pro Flowers delivery. Mr. Wonderful made sure that his wife {who was home wearing a faded sweatshirt full of baby spit up, with her hair pulled up in an imperfect ponytail that is long overdue for a wash} - felt beautiful today.

I can't get enough of this kind of love.


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