Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Almost March?!

I have no idea where the month of February went. Do you? Just another week and I'll be flipping the calendar to the month of March where a very important date is highlighted - our one year wedding anniversary! I can't believe that our first baby will also be sharing our first anniversary with us! How wild, but absolutely beautiful...

On the actual date of our anniversary, we will be having a romantic night out, just the two of us - and the next day we leave for our first family vacation! {a little hint is that passports are required and we will be gone for 6 days! More on the vacation soon!}.

Dele and I knew that becoming parents would be an exhilarating time in our lives. We are enamored by every little thing that Ilah does. It’s true that along with the bliss comes sleepless nights, foul smelling diapers, extra laundry, and all the daily {and many} routine tasks that caring for a baby requires, but I gotta say…we've been adjusting wonderfully.

We’ve also been finding a great balance between time with Ilah and time alone together – whether at home while she’s asleep, or when we’re able to have a date night. We’ve had three outings without her {once for dinner, once when we went to church, and once again on Valentines Day}. We’re thankful and blessed that Ilah has grandparents that live close and adore her just as much as we do {that’s putting it mildly!} and love staying with her while mommy and daddy go out for a bit. Once our little girl gets her immunization shots {in just a few weeks}, we will be able to take her out with us – something that we’re looking forward to!

I recently had the below picture framed for Ilah's grandparents, and made a copy for us as well {which is also framed}. Dele took the photo and we think she looks adorable in her cute little crochet hat!

Ilah is 6 weeks old and she's already grown so much and is really coming into her own little personality! She does so many sweet things that melt our hearts - and other things that make me us laugh out loud at her! We're cherishing every single moment.


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