Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lovin' the Look. Lovin' the Idea.

I was browsing through the blog of Lollipop Events & Designs and came across a wedding reception that was set on a dock and I just loved the "easy breezy" look of it....
Cozy white throws served as chair backs and gifts for the guests to take home. Pretty costly {unless they got an unbelievable deal}, but what an idea! {Although, I'm not too sure how many men actually wrapped themselves up in the throw - so maybe not every seat should have been adorned with one; maybe just the seats that had seating cards with women's names on them *I'm sure every woman appreciated that throw, wouldn't you!?*, and perhaps a separate favor should have been given to the men. What do you think?}

But this got me thinking. I love outdoor dining. And this look would be perfect for friends gathered around a lovely table on a lightly brisk evening. If you have the outdoor space at your home, and a sizeable patio table, consider an all-girls evening get-together comprised of a pretty tablescape, yummy food, and great desserts {and whatever else you'd like}. How memorable would it be for your guests to get to take home the comfy throw that they talked and laughed away the night in!? Everyone could get the same color throw or perhaps each of your girlfriends get a different color...and at maybe $6.99 ea {hello, Ross!} times {x} 4-6 friends, this would be a cheap, yet chic, gift!

Lovin' the look. Lovin' the idea!

Event Design & Coordination: Lollipop Events & Designs
Photography: Mike Larson


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