Thursday, June 30, 2011

Indoor Fun!

On Monday I headed to Walmart crossing my fingers that they carried Americolor food gel. On a whim I decided to replicate these adorable {yet very labor intensive} rocket cookies, adding the them to the 4th of July cookie platter that I am making for my husband to take to work tomorrow : ) Since I didn't plan on adding them to my mix {I couldn't resist because A.) they are so cute, and B.) I'm always up for a challenge} I needed just one food gel color that I didn't have on hand. I didn't want to trek allllll the way to Hobby Lobby for just one teeny tiny thing. But as it turned out, that's exactly what I had to do. And naturally, I left that store {like I pretty much always do} with more than just that $1.49 item. Anyhow, while I was at Walmart, I picked up a bag of 100 plastic balls.
What would we need all these balls for you ask?.....

For Ilah's inflatable Dora Butterfly Garden ball pit {that my mom bought for her for Christmas}.....
The ballpit came with just 20 balls, so naturally we had to add more to the mix!.....
It's so funny. I swore that my house wouldn't be overun with an ubundant amount of plastic toys when we had a child. And then enters a three foot plastic ball pit! Ha! Really though, you just can't help it. You want your child to enjoy the fun things in life!

Ilah loves climbing in and out. And speaking of of yesterday she can climb onto the couch all on her own and get back down. And she's insistent on coming DOWN the stairs on her own now {she scoots down on her bottom} - I have to refrain from being too hands on because I do want her to master it, but we are always there to protect her if she loses her footing...which hasn't happened; she has always been very balanced.

I was taking the above picture of Ilah through one of the holes in the ballpit and when she heard me click the camera, she stuck her face right up to the hole. Ha ha!! I LOVE MY GIRL!!!!

We've been enjoying our summer both outside and inside!


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