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Before you read on, we strongly recommend that you carefully read our article about the adsense pricing model since the strategy we will be discussing is mainly based on taking advantage of the adsense pricing model.
As you probably know, there are three main ways to increase adsense income on a website: 
•  more traffic 
•  higher CTR 
•  higher CPC 
The strategy we are to reveal aims at getting a consistently higher CPC
Double adsense earnings showing fewer ads: A case studyLet's consider the following case: you run a website with some traffic and three ad units (Top banner, Right Hand Skyscraper and a half banner at the bottom) and you make $ 130 a month. 
Let's see how you could double your income by showing fewer ad units. Here are some details about your website: 
•  Traffic: 9.000 visits and 25.000 pages viewed in average every month. 
•  AdSense Stats:Ad unitCTRCPC ($)Revenue ($)Top banner1,00%0.2357,5Skyscraper1,20%0.1133Half banner4,00%0.0440Unless you have understood the adsense pricing model, you may be wondering why CPC is so different from one ad unit to another. Anyway, this is normal since the ad that gets the higher paying ads is the one that first appears on the HTML code (the Top banner) and is followed by the second one (Skyscraper) then comes the third (Half banner).
Let's now cut down the number of our ad units keeping only the Bottom Half banner. This means the half banner shows first on the HTML and so gets the two best paying ads. Since it is the first ad unit, it should have the same CPC the top banner used to have. Moreover, a banner shows 4 ads where a half banner shows only 2. This will result in a considerably higher average CPC for the half banner (due to more competition). CTR will at least stay at 4% since we kept the same placement, same colours. but could also increase to something like 5% because your advertising will be less intrusive. 
Let's now see how much money you will be making with no change in your traffic stats:
ScenarioCTRCPCRevenue14,00%0.2323024,00%0.3030034,50%0.2325944,50%0.30338As you can read on the chart you could easily make $ 230 in the most pessimistic scenario while an optimistic scenario could yield more than $ 300!!! with no change to your traffic and a better reader experience.
Can I use it on my website?Yes most adsense publishers can use it. However, there are some preliminary conditions to getting the most out of it:
•  If you are in a low paying market (like arcad and games related websites) where CPC is around 5 cents no matter how high your ad is in the HTML code, don't use this strategy as it won't do much for you. On the opposite, if you are in a high paying niche this strategy could work great for you. 
•  You also need an ad unit with high CTR, compared to the other units on the same page, while having a lower CPC. The bigger the differences are, the more you could increase your revenue. 
If you can fulfil the two above conditions, then hurry up and remove those ads that keep you from making real money. 
Want more money?OK! Now that you have reduced the advertising pressure on your visitors, you can choose to sit down and watch increased loyalty from your readers, more links... (long term results) or choose to get even more money now (short term) by adding ads to the space you have saved.
As you know, link units and referral products are perfect for that since they do not compete with ad units (so you can add them with no risk to the above strategy). 
Of course you can use other advertising programs instead of adsense but we won't discuss that as this is a "make money with adsense" website!! 
 How do I create advanced reports ?The first thing you are asked to set to your needs is the product data you want to analyse. Below the "choose product" heading, you will find a drop down menu covering all three AdSense products:adsense for contentadsense for searchrefferalsOnce you have choosen the product, you will need to define a date range. You can either use the drop down menu to define a period of time like today, yesterday, las 7 days... or define your own customised date range like from Sept 5 2006 to Oct 31 2006 to see how the Septembre update affected your performances. 
Next you will need to tackle the "Show data by" section. I understand this is quite confusion so I advise you to choose the default criterion which is "Page". However, advanced adsense users must be able to use any additional data provided by google so let's take a look at how the adsense team explains it. I have modified the text to make it a bit clearer. 
Advanced reports provide the option to view your performance by page, ad unit, or individual ad. We've highlighted the differences between each report below. 
Page reports will show an impression every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. We'll only report one page impression no matter how many Google ads are displayed on a page.Ad unit reports will show an impression every time a user views a Google ad unit on your page. For example, if a page with one half banner and one vertical banner is viewed once, we'll display two ad unit impressions.Individual ad reports will show an impression for each individual ad that's shown in any ad unit (remembre that a single ad unit can contain more than one idividual ad). For example, if a page with one half banner and one vertical banner is viewed once, it will generate three ad impressions.The last decision you need to make is choosing between displaying "aggregate data" and "channel data". 
Unless you want a summary of your overall performance on a daily basis or that you have not defined any channels, I think you should opt for "channel data" option that will give you valuable data on the performance of every channel you set up earlier. 
Once you choose "channel data", more options are displayed. This is a little confusing at first but if you are familiar with SQL queries and databases you shouldn't have any difficulty using these options. For others I have tried to list some guidelines: 
select at least one channel you want to analyseset grouping to "date" or "channel", avoid using bothtry many combinations till you get what you wanttry to understand the data and you will see what other data you needOptimize your advertising strategy - Part 1
In its AdSense program, google offers an array of products : 
Adsense for contentAdsense for searchRefferalsThe first critical task (after understanding each product), is to come up with the best possible combination of these products.
Of course, each website is unique and so requires a unique " Advertising strategy " combining AdSense and other advertising techniques. To help define the best AdSense strategy for your website we suggest you try and answer these simple questions : 
Do you have many returning visitors ?This is tipycally the case for a blog or a portal with constantly updated content (news, forums...). If this applies to you, we think you should not rely on refferals to yield much income as they only pay for "a first time install". Once the majority of your readers will have installed the reffered product (firefox, picasa, adwords, adsense subscription...) you won't be getting any more money from these ads. 
On the contrary, if you have mostly first time visitors, then refferals can be a good choice. 
Where do your visitors come from ?Again, if you are considering refferals, you should keep in mind that these can be restricted to some regions of the globe. For example, the google pack installation won't pay you any cent unless the person installing it is from the USA. Thus, if the majority of your visitors comes from England it is useless to put this product on your website. 
Is your design flexibleIn some cases, and particularly with some blogging services, you do not have total control over the lay out of your website. Then you may have only one place to put your ads which is less than 20 pixels high. In this case for example, you cannot put any ad unit since there is no suitable format offered. 
In some other situations, you may be using a CMS (Content Management System) to build your site and be confronted to the hard fact that the only region you can personalise is the menu (or sidebar). In that case we strongly recommend you use link units because they can be harmonously integrated into any menu.


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