Monday, June 27, 2011

Encountering God, Part 2

Lately my Monday posts highlight our weekend and include lots of photos, but this time I want to document the awesome encounter that we have had with God over the past several days.

Friday night concluded our church's "ENCOUNTER" conference. I spoke a little about it in my last post. Man oh man, was Friday night's service POWERFUL. Some life changing things were imparted into Dele and I.

Leading up to this conference, my spirit had been stirring. Aside from having a heart of great expectancy, and aside from yearning to hear from the Lord {even if it would be His still small voice speaking on the inside of me}, I wanted something great to happen that would cause a permanent shift in me. A shift that would propel me into a new beginning in which the plans and purposes that I am called to do in this season of my life would begin to come to fruition. I believe that there are things that have been laying dormant on the inside of me and I strongly believe that the reason why I had been having an urgency to find a church home towards the end of last year was so those things would birth themselves in the right church - the church that we were purposed to be a part of. In past seasons of my life when I was single, God opened amazing doors that I have walked through and now as a wife and mother, I know that there are new plans and purposes that are meant to be fulfilled [for God] in this season of my life.

Friday night, in front of a large gathering of people {at the church that ours is an extension of}, the guest speaker called Dele and I up to the front and spoke a powerful word over us. Several church members recorded it - how blessed we are to have that video. God used him to deposit some great things into us and speak some amazing things over us - those words brought confirmation, affirmation, and impartation - it was a prophesy that we will never forget...a five minute encounter that officially put our lives on a new course.

All night [after we left the conference], and the next day, I was basking in the goodness of God. It felt as though this conference was purposed just for us. Have you ever felt that way when leaving a church service? As I sat in church that night, I was excited about whose life would be touched in an indescribable way - little did I know it would be OUR lives. The night before one of our worship leaders received a personal word and I was bursting on the inside with happiness for her. It's like when someone becomes saved and enters into the kingdom of rejoice as if it was your brother or sister coming to the Lord. I was looking forward to seeing an impartation being done in someone else's life and rejoicing at how awesome it was that they received what was probably a very on-time word from the Lord. There were probably 500 people attending the conference that night, and only few were called out of their seats - and Dele and I were the only couple. It was our night.

That guest speaker came to our church branch on Sunday to minister and...we received a double portion of God's goodness as he imparted another word into our lives. I hold those words that were spoken over us yesterday, and Friday night, very close to my heart. What a morning. What a conference! The scripture that is now living on the inside of me because of all that was spoken over us is James 1:22 "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only". We are stepping into great things!


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