Friday, September 3, 2010

Toddler Riding Toys Sure Have Come A Long Way!

The highend toys on the market these days for little ones are indeed adorable and eye-catching....but not a very practical purchase, wouldn't you say? When I see something like the below pink fantasy flyer ride I think, "Oh my gosh...that is SO darn cute!!!". But will Ilah ever have one? Unless it's given to her free, the answer would be no....given the fact that it costs {{drumroll please}}....$499.97 {and what's with the .97 cents? Maybe making it .3 cents less than $500.00, some will think it's a bargain?}.

This little hummer on the other hand has a more practial price tag at $89.97. Cute, isn't it?!

When I was 18 months old, I delighted in my Mickey Mouse ride, and my husband couldn't get enough of his green smurf mobile...

We cruised around on those things for hours! They may not have had all of the bells and whistles like the pink airplane or the yellow hummer but we felt the same way riding them as I'm sure the little one's who actually have those toys do. was a good thing then, and we think it's still a good thing now.


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