Friday, September 24, 2010

A Root Canal That Was Anything But Fun

I had a root canal done yesterday morning and it laid me out! I'm used to the process as I've had two root canals prior to this one. But this third one was a doozy! It took about a half an hour, and more than 20 injections, to get me numb. It was a 2 hr procedure that was anything but fun. As I sat there, I kept thinking that I was undergoing a form of torture. Ha!

In the past I have rebounded just fine from having a root canal but this time around I actually had to fill my prescription because the pain afterwards was just so bad. The medication however has put me in a fog and has made me soooo nauseous. After taking 2 pills yesterday, as prescribed, I still feel the awful side effects of them today {nearly 20 hrs later} so I have decided to ditch taking them because I hate how they make me feel {light headed, loopy, nauseous, hot, dizzy}; I'd rather just tolerate the pulsating pain from my root canal than take any more of those Hydrocodone pills. Thank goodness my mom lives so close - she came over earlier today to watch Ilah while I spent some time in bed to try and sleep off the pain and the awful feeling that the med's left on my system. I hope to be back to my normal self soon! Because tomorrow is Saturday and I'm all about getting out : )

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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