Monday, September 13, 2010

My Roots Needed Rescuing

One by one...and then what seemed like five by five....gray hairs started sprouting from my roots. When I would see them wiggle their way into the visible realm, I would pick them right on out {yes, I know....not the best method if it's true that when you pluck out gray hairs, double the amount will show face again}.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with gray hair. In fact, I have seen some gorgeous gray hairstyles on women. I just don't think I'm ready to go that route for another 20 years. And so for that very reason, I applied this to my roots last night....

Yep. No shame. I rescued my roots.

I had no idea if dying my roots would work. I tried to dye my hair light brown when I was in college and the dye didn't take. Thinking that maybe I needed to go even a shade lighter, I went back to the store and bought another bottle. I applied it according to the instructions, and once didn't take. Dare I say that I went back to the store again and bought a color that was nearly blonde {surely this had to work} - but nope, my hair color didn't chang even a smidgen. It was evident at that point that I needed to have my hair stripped in order for my hair to be dyed. And going that route didn't sit well with me. Needless to say, as many times as I have toyed with the idea of changing my hair color, it has always remained soft black.

The Loreal Root Rescue worked great. It was super easy. And my hair turned out as I had hoped. Adios gray hairs! In the same aisle, I also saw Clairol Root Touch-Up; I have two coupons that pretty much gives me one box for free so maybe I'll try this one out next time and see which one I like better.
With my gray hairs now gone, my husband will no longer be peering over me desperately wanting to take a hold of a gray hair and yank it from my head! He will have to wait at least another few months to do that again!


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