Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Night of Blue Chip Nachos & House Hunters International

Aside from not being able to resist buying some fudge {ok, and some ice-cream} during our vacation to TN this past weekend, we've been doing really well with staying away from eating sweets. Our food intake the past two weeks {once agin, with the exception of our vacation where we went off the band wagon a bit} has been really well as I have shifted to buying things that are more healthier to eat. This week I spent some time in my grocery store's organic section and among other things, I bought these chips {which I have actually been eating for a few years now and really like}....

They pack 20% more protein than a white or yellow corn tortilla and they score lower on the glycemic index than their paler counterparts since they only contain about 68% starch (white contains 75%). Source.

Last night after we worked out {at home}, we blended up some smoothies and didn't feel like a big dinner so I put those blue corn chips to use by making some nachos...

The blue corn chips were topped with chicken, black beans, tomatoes, and low fat cheddar & mozarella cheese.

Topped with a small dollop of light sour cream...

We then took to the couch to watch one of our favorite shows - House Hunters International!

I was especially looking forward to watching this episode because it was featuring Bologna, Italy {if you don't know by now, my heart yearns to not only return to Italy for a vacation, but also to own a second home there one day!}.

In this episode a married couple with a five year old son went back to the husband's roots and moved from the states back to his hometown of Bologna, Italy. He started a new job as the director of a student exchange program at the University of Bologna {any great job openings?? Ha ha!}. As they already live in Italy - and are loving it - they don't want to raise their little one in a small apartment in the city so they are looking for a house in the hills near Bologna. Their budget....$710,000.

These were the 3 homes featured last night....

They chose the second one. Did you see that price tag??!! The interior was just gorgeous, as were the outside grounds!! The house was a converted barn that was redone beautifully. The couple put in a VERY LOW offer {$145,000 below the asking price} to which their agent was pretty appauled by....but the seller accepted it!! Score!!

Do any of you watch House Hunters International? If you could live anywhere {or have a second home anywhere}, where would you want to live?!


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