Monday, September 20, 2010

A Slew of Randomness

1. I finally got around to cleaning up my topic labels. My list of blog topics was too long in my opinion so I condenced it. For instance, topic labels that were "baby clothes", "baby nurseries", "baby gadgets", "kids spaces", etc. are now all listed under "All Things Baby and Kids".

2. Saturday night we headed out to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. Yummm!! It was my first time eating it, and definitely won't be my last!

3. I bought Teresa Giudice's book Skinny Italian. I skimmed it while at Barnes & Noble a few weekends ago and after having a looksie, decided that I wanted I ordered it off of Amazon for way less : ) And just a quick tid-bit for all you Real Housewives fans...her last name is always incorrectly pronounced as Jew-Dice. It's Jew-Dee-Chay {say it fast, in your best Italian accent, and there you have it!}.

4. A new baby store opened up by us called Buy Buy Baby. It's awesome. So now we will be saying Bye Bye to Babies-R-Us. The two stores are seemingly across the street from one another. It will be interesting to see if the Babies-R-Us by us will even stay in business {yes, Buy Buy Baby is that awesome!}

5. Although it was 95 degrees over the weekend, I, like most people, have started to think about sprucing up my house for fall and made a few purchases last week. I also put together an inspiration board that I will be sharing on my blog this week. By the way....can you believe that it's already the 20th of September?!?

6. I'm a pillow flipper. Meaning, I have to have my head against a cool pillow. When it gets too hot, I have to flip it....until I fall asleep of course. Anyone else like that?

7. I have to have a root canal on Thurday. I'm overjoyed about it {do you hear the sarcasm?}. I'm so upset about the hole thing. Whatever. Let's get the drilling and the hefty bill over with.

8. Last night I watched the movie "Letters to Juliet"...just because it was filmed in Italy. My obsession is all too real.

9. I love the Spinach Ravioli that Costco sells {the brand is called Pasta Prima}.

10. Which means that I had 3 cheat meals over the weekend. Darrrrn!!

11. I got a haircut over the weekend {5 inches off}. It was about time.

12. I am overdue on getting up Ilah's 8 month post up. It's on my to-do list.

13. Speaking of, she is getting sooo big! She has her 8 month appt on 10/12. I am so curious about her stat's!

14. A few weeks ago I discovered Pampers Extra Protection - by accident. I came across a coupon in the paper and gave them a try. We definitely needed a diaper that provided just that....extra protection. Because let me tell you....getting up in the middle of the night, every night, to change the sheet and change Ilah into new pajamas was literally becoming exhausting. Thankfully these diapers have provided relief....for all of us.

15. I think I'm going to cancel out Keeping up with the Kardashians from my DVR. The show just seems so staged now - and even if it was in many ways before, it's so obvious now and it's just becoming annoying.

16. I can't remember the last time I had something sugary and sweet. Two weeks into my lifestyle change and I'm doing good!

17. I rocked a Bumpit to church yesterday.

18. I found a new and easy way to keep track of our budget/expenses. You can check out the excel templates here. I downloaded and use the Household Budget Spreadsheet. I love it because you can customize it, easily see your overages or your savings, and it does all the math for you. Again, I love it!

19. My to-do list is ever growing. Just when I get one thing done, three more things are added to the list.

20. My mom will be having a small procedure done tomorrow. Can you please pray that all goes well? Thanks! : )

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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