Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ilah, 8 Months Old

I’m a few weeks behind in getting Ilah’s 8 month post up. I’m sure I will think of something later that I didn’t add to this list but here is a good run down of the fun milestones that we’re experiencing with our sweet girl.

So, Ilah....what have you been up to!?

  • I’m not sure of your recent stat’s {will find out on 10/12 at your next appt} but you are growing so fast and getting so big {and heavy!}.

  • You are now wearing 12 month clothes. You can still wear some 9 month clothes {mostly onsies}; you are growing sooo fast!
  • You are starting to pull your headbands and bows off your head! I knew that time was bound to come!
  • You are transitioning from stage 2 foods to stage 3 foods. You have taken well to everything you have eaten! Initially we started you on Gerber {organic} but not too long after switched to Earths Best because there were more food options. In addition to your sold food, you take 4 bottles a day. You are so happy when you eat…just like your momma!
  • You are starting to reach for your spoon when being fed. I see some messy days ahead!
  • You started making this new face....hilarious!.....

  • You communicate with us with lots of squeals, shrieking, laughs, screams, and other various cute and precious babbling sounds.

  • You say “Da Da” and your daddy can’t get enough of it! When I look at you and say “Momma”, you say… “Da Da”. I just have to laugh!
  • You have a very strong, yet fun personality. You get upset if we take anything away from you….especially mommy’s cell phone or the tv remote.
  • You have your bottom two teeth and today I noticed that your two top teeth are coming in now! Your left one looks like it’s going to break through any day!

  • You LOVE when we play peek-a-boo with you. In general, you like “hide and seek” games. I will sit by you and hide your bunny rabbit or your pink doggy behind my back and then bring it out from behind my back and you just get a total kick out of the repetition of it!
  • You are always on the go....

  • You drink from a sippy cup. You’re doing good with it, but thank goodness it has a no-spill top because sometimes you really fling that thing around!

  • You’ve been standing all on your own, and crawling, for quite a while now but you haven’t started to take any steps just yet. When you attempt to, you get nervous and choose to fall on your cute little bum. We looked at some walking toys for you over the weekend but we wanted to check out a few more places before getting one. You will have one by next weekend!

  • When you see yourself in the mirror you get right up to it with your nose and sometimes lick it! Ha! You’re a funny girl!
  • You understand the word “No”…half the time you listen, half the time you don’t. That was expected!
  • You loooove playing with mommy and daddy in our bed. You just get goin’ and tumble around in our sheets and have loads of fun!
  • When we tell you to give us a kiss, you will come in close to our mouth and then stick your tongue out and lick our lips…sometimes our nose! We think it’s the cutest, sweetest thing and we laugh every time.

  • You discovered that we have stairs. Uh-oh! You better believe we keep a close eye on you!

  • Yesterday you opened a bottom kitchen cupboard on your own. Can you say…“babyproof will now be in full force”!

  • You are a water baby. You love your tubby time!

  • You are super strong. Enough said!

  • You find the smallest, microscopic thing on the floor and move whatever it is with your tiny little fingers. And yes, sometimes you try to put it in your mouth. I’ve been stopping you from doing that A LOT lately!

  • You love it when we read to you…and of course, you grab at the pages : )

  • You are so into “Dora, The Explorer! I let you watch it once {sometimes twice} a day and when the songs come on, you get goin’ - bouncing up and down and streaking! You LOVE Dora!
  • We are always getting stopped when we are out with you. People eat you up when they see you – you are always getting told how adorable you are!

  • Last month we got you your big girl car seat and you loooove it {we do too!}. You are so comfy and cozy in it, and you fall asleep every time you’re in it.

  • You started clapping your hands! Your Abuela taught you patty cake and you love doing it! And every time you hear a song, you start clapping your hands. It’s sooo cute!

  • You whistle! It came out of nowhere a month or so ago and you still do it. It's hilarious!....

  • You are always getting into something....

  • You’re a great sleeper. You go down every night between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and get up between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. You only wake in the middle of the night if your diaper has leaked {hopefully we’ve solved that problem permanently by now using Pampers Extra Protection as your nighttime diaper}.
  • You nap at the same times every day – 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Your morning nap lasts for about 1 hr – 1 ½ hrs and your afternoon nap usually lasts for 1 ½ hrs, sometimes it extends to 2 hrs…2 ½ hrs on a really, really, really good day.
  • You always greet me and/or daddy with a HUGE smile when we come in to get you when you wake.

  • Mommy and Daddy sing all kinds of made-up funny songs to you. Don’t worry…we won’t sing them out loud to you when you’re 16 and your friends are around ; )
  • You've discovered shadows but haven't yet realized that they aren't tangible so you try to grab at them to no avail!

Ilah, the joy that you bring to our life is indescribable. We love you beyond measure!

Mommy & Daddy


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