Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whose Ready for Football Season!? {GA Bulldog Cookie Platter}

Truth be told....I could care less. {gasp!} - I know, I know...all you football fans are probably sending virtual rapid fire my way ((I'm ducking)). But it's not just football. In fact, I'm not really gung-ho about sports in general. When I was younger I was, but there's been a BIG shift in my life since the single days and I don't make watching sports a priority. I have great memories being with friends and passionately rooting for "our teams" - fun times! - but I gotta say...actually being at the games is FAR BETTER than watching them on tv. I never, ever, ever watched hockey...and then I went to a game once and was SO into it! And not just because I had churros and cotton candy ; ) Actually being at the field, near the court, or close to the ice....that's when I get into sports the most because it's so much fun to really be in front of the action!!

Football season is here and starts this weekend. The GA Bulldogs go against Boise State on Saturday {yes, I looked that up!}. Somewhere in my closet is a GA Bulldog beanie that I got last winter to show my support for the "dawgs". I think I wore it once. This year I'm showin' some love through my latest cookie platter....

{More cookies than these were made, but this is all that would fit on the platter}

I won't drift too much, but my husband and I have made some wonderful connections with some couples at our church, and we have loved growing in friendship with them - which has been an answer to prayer. One of them has a brother-in-law who is a GA Bulldog fan and is turning the big 5-0! They are having a party for him over the weekend and I was asked if I could make some cookies for the special day. I was all about it!! This is what I came up with:

The cookie platter consisted of the GA Bulldog Logo:

A couple things about these cookies: 1.) I didn't have an oval cookie cutter so I cut these by hand. 2.) How did I get the G's so precise? I made them as royal icing transfers {you can go here to see how the process works if you're curious}. And while you're on Sweetopia's website, stay awhile. She is the cookie master and actually replied to an email I sent her on what the best way would be about going about making these logo's. Maria is not only talented, but so sweet too! I'll mention again that I use her sugar cookie recipe and her royal icing recipe {minus the cream of tarter}.

The platter also had football cookies:

Football Helmet Cookies:

Jersey Cookies:

And every "Dawg" needs a bone ; )

I kept with the theme of the cookies and did the numbers on the "lollipops" as the same as the athletic numbers on the jerseys. The numbers were also done as royal icing transfers, just like all the G's {including the ones on the helmets}.

I wrapped red bows around the lollipops for an added little touch.

And you'll also see some small red, white and black mini cookies...just because : )

These cookies trump my last cookie platter in terms of being the most labor intensive. But I loved the challenge of seeing if I could pull them off and I love how they turned out!!

Whatever team you're rooting for this football season, I hope you have many fun game nights with your family and friends!


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