Saturday, July 9, 2011

Modern Bath Room – Bath Room Heater Designs

The bathroom is a place where the temperature is humid, in order to remain healthy should always be warm. So what can keep your bathroom warm? The answer is a Bathroom Heater. Bathroom Heater comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Contemporary glass construction Black Finish Accented by chrome rails for towel hanging Electric radiant heating technology with supplementary surface heating film provides optimum combination of radiant and convected heat Additional fan boost for rapid temperature increase. Other medium of making a bathroom warm is bathroom heater fans. Latest bathroom fan manufactured up till now is bathroom fan with a PIR. PIR activated model with adjustable timer which switches on as a person enters the room and runs on after the room has been vacated.

Heaters not only make your bathroom warm, but it is also used to dry wet towels after baths. Being manufactured by latest technology, it consumes less electricity, which is good for your pocket. Available in different colour and shapes, chrome bathroom heaters is the fastest selling heaters. You can select curved, straight, or oblong bathroom heaters. Below are few illustration of bathroom heaters which you can purchase from our site. QS Is leading manufacturer and direct supplier of bathroom heaters in UK.

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